Saturday, March 31, 2012

Manaworld Contest Entry Documented

So here is one of the contests I entered recently over on Deviant Art. It had to be your own creation and Scratchtastics character Syx. It took me forever to decide what character to use and how to make any sense of them being in a page. I finally decided to use Grace who is a summoner type mage. Lets look at the drawing being done.
The image above is the pencils of course. I didn't think of taking pictures at the time but the story behind this is Syx was drawn twice on this board. I roughed it in the evening as the allergy meds kicked in then by the following evening decided she was too off model. So I erased and re-did her. Grace pretty much came out in one hit. The only change I made on her before inking was stretching her legs a bit.
The next image is the initial inks, which I did with Prismacolor pens. It's just become a habit, like doing my daily sketches in gel pen. Nothing to special going on I decided to start with Grace.
Now with Grace pretty much done I move onto inking Syx. I managed to keep myself from using the brush pen through this whole piece. And up to this point I am sure I will end up doing watercolor greys instead of digitally coloring it. I have been working in grey for most of this year and don't feel like I will give it up anytime soon. I feel like I can experiment more freely with it than when I do color work. There was a time gap between inking Grace and Syx, I treated the family out to a Saturday movie. We went and saw Wrath of the Titans, much better than the first film.
Now Grace and Syx are finished the last piece I inked was the sword which I know is silly but so is the whole piece. At this point I know I will be doing greys but I am worried about how I will scan it. The largest I had been working at recently was 9x12 and this was14x17. I already had trouble fitting the other size on the scanner. I keep telling myself I need to just save up for a larger one and while I am at it a printer that I can stuff comic pages through.
OK a bit was skipped after erasing all the pencil marks which I started with the white eraser just to have my Dad point out that the artgum would work better (which it did for the rest, just messier) Then I scanned it all in 4 pieces to keep the lines before breaking out the paint and brushes for the greytones.
Finally got the greys in the computer and threw on the line that made the image for me. Now to work on a Bonnie Lass piece, another OC pinup for a dA contest and my own work. WEEKENDS WHY ARE YOU SO SHORT!!

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