Sunday, October 14, 2012

October Commission CLOSED

These are character only sketches drawn on 9 X 12 inch Bristol. I will be taking up to 50 commissions between now and Oct 31.


OPTION 1 - Traditional Colors (or grayscale washes) and Original mailed to you : $25 US (includes shipping)
OPTION 2 – Traditional Colors (or grayscale washes) finished file e-mailed to you: $20 US – NOTE THIS IS DIGITAL FILE ONLY!

A NOTE ON TRADITIONAL COLORS: These are done with a variety of tools primarily: watercolor, pen, ink, marker and compressed pastel.

Here is a sample of a color piece.

Here is a sample of a grayscale piece.

SUBJECT MATTER: I will draw pinups but NO PORN, so anything else is fair game.


Send me a note or email me at: with (COMMISSION REQUEST) as the subject. Also include the following:

Deviant Art Name ( if applicable)
Shipping Address ( if purchasing Original work)
PayPal address – I will send you an invoice

Description- Which option you want? What do you want drawn? Supply as much detail as possible and any references or links to references you think are important.

  • Once I receive your request I will look it over to see if I feel it is something doable and send you an invoice.
  • When you receive the invoice and send payment I will get a batch of 3 concept sketches based on your description, and references, done and emailed to you.
  • You will then choose one of the 3 and make any final notes/changes in your reply.
  • From there I will work on the final piece and let you now when it is done and sent off in the mail (if you purchased the original)

Are accepted through Paypal only. Send me your Paypal address and I will send you an invoice.

Things to know:

  • Work will not start until payment has been received.
  • Unless you request otherwise your commission may end up in the gallery.
  • I will send you 3 roughs to pick from, then go straight to work after you make your choice and any final notes made when picking from the 3 roughs.
  • Can you make changes after picking from the roughs? Sorry not this time around I have a set amount of time to get this done. Any drives I do in the future will have the option for a $10 US charge.
  • If you chose OPTION 1 I will email you when the finished work has been mailed off as well as a small digital version.
  • You can add a character to the drawing for $10 US.
  • Keep in mind the size of the work area (9 X 12 inches) when thinking of what you want drawn, more characters or full body will mean less space for details.
  • I will be working these in blocks so it will take at least two weeks for me to get the work done.
  • You can post the finished work as long as you give me credit.

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