Monday, October 22, 2012

The 24hr Comic Challenge- A learning experience

So like many others around the world I took on the 24hr challenge. I learned a good bit from the attempt, and plan to finish up what I started. Hopefully building a better "fast" style along the way.
In the end I managed to write up an outline for all 24 pages and even managed some simple storyboards. Given the time it happened in this was an awesome achievement and it made all the advice I read before make more sense.
Advice I should have followed better and I will the next time I sit down and try such a feat. Such as:
  • Not spending too much time prepping , which I did sinking so much time into making a story and short-hand sketching all the pages. 
  • Sticking to one tool- which I DID NOT do infact at one point I wanted to try brush and nib on the whole thing. At the last minute I made my self stick to a pencil, a gel-pen, and two sharpies. If I had done this at the beginning and treated all the pages like embellished over-sized storyboards then I probably gotten more done.
Trying to blog it might have also been a bad idea and it was the first time I tried using digital screentones, in fact it was the first time I used the Pattern tools in Photoshop!
Since I am getting ready to start building up for my webcomics this was a good exercise in crazy short deadlines, the kind where you throw alot of luxury out the window and make every cheap-shot count. Like I said I do plan on finishing it and using the process to refine a fast style. What has been done can be found here:
24hr Comic Challenge October 2102

Some of the good is finding out I can crank and idea into being, get a reasonable outline and storyboards done inside 24hrs. At least one character created in the process may see further adventures in my other projects.
Knowing that by habit I can get stuck over-thinking and planning the "get it done" aspect totally put me outside my element, which was good. I had the same feeling after finishing my first NaNoWriMo a few years back.
Once my current projects are in full swing I may find a place to do this once a month or maybe every other month just to keep flexing those muscles.

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